Have You Heard About Book Bundles?
Whether you’re still in mid-term season, struggling through finals, or about to enjoy Spring Break — iFlipd has a spectacular deal for you.
Published On June 28th 2018

iFlipd’s Bundle offer allows you to get your books in BOTH digital and print versions in one awesome package deal.

With Bundles, you get INSTANT access to your eBook. Click. Rent. Read. It’s that easy. You want the print version too? We’ll ship it FOR FREE.Don’t need the print? No problem. Let us know if you change your mind and decide you want to feel those pages — we can send it to you anytime.

Three Reasons to Love our Bundles:

  1. eBooks — instant access to your readings on any device. Read on your phone wherever you go!
  2. Print Books — bring your book with you to class or to the library to share with your study buddy.
  3. Points — each week you rent, 50 points get added to your iFlipd account. Use your points to score free food, movie tickets, or donate to your favorite charity! Check out all the options here.

AND you get all this at a low cost. Paying $10 per week is just like one trip to Chipotle… without guac! 

Check out how iFlipd can work for these users!

Students on Vacation:



Ryan has an exam tomorrow. He doesn’t have time to wait for his book in the mail so he needs instant access to his eBook.


People on a Budget:

Gigi is paying off loans, credit debt, and wants to get a new Sephora collection. Paying by the week means she doesn’t have to spend hundreds on books at a time and she can spend money the way she wants!

Still have questions? We get it. We promise it’s NOT too good to be true!

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